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Three Easy Steps to Masking Your Ticket in San Diego

If you received your ticket anywhere in San Diego – in Centre City or around Point Loma, Miramar, Black Mountain Ranch, or Logan Heights -  for a one-point moving violation, like speeding or running a red light, Self-Paced Traffic School can help you keep your driving record clean cheaply, reliably and without any stress.

As our name suggests, student convenience is one of our top priorities. This is why we strive to make taking traffic school as easy as possible, and why you can clear your ticket with us in just a couple of simple steps:

  1. Register: Once you have paid court fees and have been permitted by court to take traffic school to mask the point, go to our home page and click on Register. The registration process is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes.
  2. Take the course: Once registered, you will have access to the course. It consists of 11 short reading sections, each accompanied by a mini-quiz of 2-4 questions. This is all open book and no timers. You are free to go back to the different sections as many times as you wish. The course can be completed in one sitting or over several days, where and when you have the time to do the course. If you are looking for traffic school to go, we have catered to that too – our course is accessible from computers, laptops, tablets, but also mobile phones and iPhones.
  3. Take the final test: Self-Paced Traffic School’s final exam is 25 questions based on the prior readings. With all packages you have at least 2 attempts at the final, but any upgraded package also allows you to retake the course as many times as needed until you pass.

After you complete the test successfully (you only need 70% in the final to pass), you are done! You can sit back and relax, knowing Self-Paced Traffic School will take care of the rest.
We then process your certificate of completion to the DMV and court, and can even let you know once the court has viewed and closed your case.

In addition to making the process as simple and convenient for you as possible, we offer:

  • Fast and efficient processing (3 days normally, or same-day with our express package),
  • Competitive low prices – we make sure we tailor each package to our students’ needs, and offer one package for insurance and refresher purposes, and 4 for clearing a ticket. All packages designed to clear a ticket include us processing your certificate to the DMV. At minimal additional charge, you can receive a copy of the certificate for your records, get notification once the court has closed the case, or even meet a same-day deadline.
  • The option to take the entire course for free – When registering, select Start Now, Pay Later at payment, and go through the course for free. Only pay to take the final test and b processed to the DMV!
  • Full money-back guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied at any point during the course (before taking the final exam), Self-Paced Traffic School will refund your money in full, no questions asked.
  • 24/7 traffic school online customer support – Our friendly agents are available round the clock to assist you with any questions you may have. Chat with us today and get an even better deal!

DMV Licensed Online Traffic School
  • Smart Phones And Tablets Optimized
  • 100% Fun And On Line Course
  • Cheap Easy And Fast Traffic School
  • Same Day Certificate Processing
The course couldn't have been simpler. I really loved the course.
Stafford E.